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My name is Domenico Trimboli and I am a freelance English to Italian translator, trading under the name Into Ita. A few years ago, I decided to combine my 15 years’ experience as a gamer and a lifelong passion for marketing with my expert language skills to help companies like you gain a foothold in the Italian market.

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Video Game Translation

Translation of the text in your video games, especially mobile and social games, from English into Italian:

What you need for your games to be successful in the Italian games charts.

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Marketing Translation

Translation of your marketing materials, such as websites and press releases, from English into Italian:

See the return on your investment.

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You’re in the right place

I’m sure you have put a lot of time, money, and effort into producing that video game or that brochure. Finding someone you can trust who knows the subject area as well as you do but who also has a better understanding of the target audience you want to reach can seem an impossible task.
Don’t worry, the search is over.

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Excellent Support

Sometimes you have an urgent project that just can’t wait. Perhaps you really need to get that ad or presentation ready for your Italian clients, and you need a reliable translation to seal the deal. I pride myself on always being there for my clients and going the extra mile for them. To date, I have never missed a deadline.

No Communication Headaches

I am not an agency; I am my own one-man business. This means that you don’t have to wait a long time for a reply, and if you do need that last minute, 30-word update to your document, you won’t have to wait three days while we renegotiate. With a faster decision making process, you can have your marketing materials and video games ready for release much sooner.

More for Your Money

With every video game translation project, I always include a number of hours of video game time so that you can be sure I know all of the nuances in the game, which in the end means more accurate translations that speak to your Italian audience.

Some of My Satisfied Clients

Domenico Trimboli

Into Ita English to Italian Video Game and Marketing Translator

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