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To make sure you always get the best quality work, I only translate from English into my native Italian for the marketing and video game sectors. Like you, I believe in specializing to provide consistent results and expert insight for my clients.


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Translation by a Gamer for Gamers

Having spent two years as a video game translator and 15 years as a hardcore player, I can translate any kind of social or mobile game from English into Italian.

Let me help you to reach the Italian market.

[/feature_box][feature_box heading=”For your business” icon_class=”icon-checkmark” read_more_text=”” read_more_url=””]For your business to work in any foreign language there are certain prerequisites:
respecting time-sensitive deadlines, translations that are 100 percent accurate; and above all, translations that take into account cultural idiosyncrasies and linguistic nuances inherent to specialized fields while remaining true to the original document.[/feature_box]
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The Italian Marketing Specialist for IT, Finance and Consumer Products

With over 100,000 words of marketing materials translated in the last year, I guarantee your copy will read as if it were written in Italian from the start .


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