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You are a business person

Because you are a business person like me, I am sure my rates have already crossed your mind.

You may have noticed that many other translators give no indication of price on their websites. While they are correct in saying that there is no set price for a translation, I hope to be able to demystify the translation process for you with the examples given below.

For an exact price, do get in touch and let me know about your project so that I can provide you with a non-obligation quote.

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Do you work in the video game sector?

Translating a 50,000-word role-playing game from English to Italian will cost €4,500. This includes ten-plus hours spent playing the game if a trial version is provided.
If you want to add a new chapter to your storyline or add a new PvP event and you have 3,000 words to be translated, this will cost €300, which includes two hours spent playing the game.

Do you work in marketing?

Imagine you are launching a new product service and you have a 250-word email and 500-word landing page with one headline to translate from English into Italian. This project will cost €100. Included in the price are two transcreated versions of the headline with rationales and back translations.
If you have a 1,500-word brochure about your company with three different headlines, the translation will cost €200. As above, this price includes two transcreated versions of the headline with rationales and back translations.

To give you an idea of how long to expect for your translation to be returned to you, I can normally translate between 2,000 and 3,000 words per day, depending on the type of text involved.

Domenico Trimboli

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