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The Italian Marketing Specialist for IT, Finance and Consumer Products

Your well-crafted, compelling and highly effective English copy can become inefficient in the hands of the wrong translator. With over 100,000 words of marketing materials translated in the last year, I guarantee your copy will read as if it were written in Italian from the start.

Understand and create

When it comes to translation, it’s not just about understanding the jargon and style you use in your industry;

it’s about being able to create texts using that very same jargon and style, too. 

Impact of marketing

Why? Because with a mere word-for-word translation, you risk losing the impact of the original text and the nuances and wordplays it contains.

Like you, I know how vital these things are in marketing.

The winning combination:

- Specialist English to Italian Marketing Translator
- Up-to-date Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
- Proven Track Record & Portfolio

Impress your clients

In the fast-paced, competitive world of marketing, you are always looking for ways to impress potential clients.

By staying on top of my game and ahead of the market with field-specific courses, I can help give your translated texts an edge over those of your competitors. 


My current and past clients

I also understand how difficult it can be to select a freelancer to support your business. But isn’t it always reassuring to be able to see the clients who have benefited from their work?
My current and past clients include Microsoft, Cisco, CouchSurfing and several other companies at the top of their respective fields.

Infomercial material

In the marketing genre, my main specialty is infomercial material, the best choice when you want your informative materials to be appealing without sounding sales-y.

I can help you with your English to Italian translations of:

• Brochures and Presentations
• Marketing and Email Campaigns
• Promotional Copies, Landing Pages, Banners and Ads
• Press Releases.

This list is not exhaustive, so do get in touch if you have something else in mind. Given my experience in the field of English to Italian marketing translation, I can handle marketing materials on almost any topic. My areas of particular expertise are IT, finance and consumer products.

Featured Projects:

Microsoft business presentations translation, 9,000 words

Key Points
- Consistency in Terminology
I adhere to the glossary of Italian equivalents used in previous Microsoft materials to maintain the company’s reputation and high standards, and to ensure clarity for the end users.
- Staying True to the Text
The challenge I met in this type of translation was in maintaining the distinctive features of these presentations.

XEMarkets website and marketing collaterals translation, 80,000 words

XEMarkets is a well-established Forex broker. Back in 2012 I translated the company website, a high ROI project that allowed the established Forex broker to reach new audiences. I served as the Italian member of the company’s translation team for 1 year, during which I dealt with B2B and B2C communications, ads, brochures, web pages and press releases.

Find out how your company’s marketing materials could also benefit from my translations.

Get in touch today for a non-obligation quote and to discuss your project.

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